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Natasha Vita-More natasha at natasha.cc
Tue May 10 03:37:27 UTC 2005

I do think that democracy and capitalism do hit many of the same 
spaces.  Or perhaps I reading too many business journals and marketing plans.

For example, a 401(k) plan is in the shared domain of democracy and 

capitalism is profit making.  Our retirement plans are privately owned 
(IRA, Roth IRA, etc.).  That is our money for our retirement.  We select 
what we want to invest in --  stock, index funds, mutual funds, etc., thus 
it is a democratic process.

Needless to say that if I invest in my own business it would be a D+C 


At 09:07 PM 5/9/2005, you wrote:
>Natasha wrote:
> > I've been working on an article on the culture of globalization,
> > democracy + capitalism.  From my research, democracy and
> > capitalism lean toward compatibility and could be helpful
> > advocates of human rights.
> >
> > Does anyone think that the democratic interconnected financial
> > relations between nations could be a driving force behind
> > advancing worldwide human rights?
>I'm sceptical but I'd be interested to hear why you think so and I think
>the area you are choosing to explore has merit.
>If you write an essay on this I will read it and give you some feedback
>on or offlist as you prefer, you can then take that feedback or leave
>it as you prefer.
>When capitalism and democracy don't map to the same geographical
>spaces I think capitalism can hurt human rights as human rights are
>not equivalent in different locations and people are not competing on an
>even footing.
>But democracy, capitalism and human rights are all pretty substantial
>terms and probably need to be defined pretty carefully to ensure that
>anything sensible is said about them at all.
>I see some sort of international law as essential to human rights if
>capitalism is going to apply internationally or capitalism will work
>against human rights by seeking our the cheapest labour wherever it
>can get it on any terms that it can get it.
>Capitalism is as happy to supply weapons as medicines, happier
>if the margins are bigger.
>Brett Paatsch
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