[extropy-chat] A crushing defense of objective ethics. Universal Volition and 'Ought' from 'is'.

Marc Geddes marc_geddes at yahoo.co.nz
Wed May 11 06:15:51 UTC 2005

Eugen* Leitl:

>According to our current knowledge, there's nothing
>indeterminate in the fate
>of the universe
>and, also according to our current knowledge,
>there's nothing we can do about
>it -- on global scale, that is. 

According to current knowledge, we know next to
nothing about the ultimate fate of the universe. 
Since next to nothing is known about the nature of the
dark energy, conclusions about the ultimate fate of
the universe are seriously premature at this time. 
Exactly what is 'dark energy'?  Exactly how does it
work?  Can you be sure that its effects will remain
constant?  Why?  Can you be sure that the sign of the
dark energy pressure won't suddenly flip at some point
in the future- so expansion becomes contraction?   
All we know is that the universe is *currently*
accelerating.  No more can be said until there is a
causal understanding of the dark energy. 


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