[extropy-chat] The state of ART in Italy

Amara Graps amara at amara.com
Wed May 11 15:48:12 UTC 2005

Mike Lorrey:
>I'd like some clarification from Amara. Do Italian ART laws ban
>government subsidy of ART, or ban ART altogether? These are two
>entirely different things.

Italian laws ban ART. Doctors like Antinori are forbidden to
perform these assisted reproductive technology practices no matter
where the money comes from.

It's an extremely nasty set of laws. (I would say call them
"Regressive" in most of the world.)

See here about what the Referendum is seeking to change:


I wish I could optimistic for the changes, but I am not. (*)


(*) Another visit (my ~50th in the last two years) yesterday to the polizia
for my expired permit-of-stay. Now the daily queue (thousands of people, all
professions, ages, every day) in Rome begins at 2am. The polizia want 
me to resubmit my 2003 application renewal because... it too has 
'expired'. I am
presently at square zero again to have the document to live in a normal
way (housing, bank account, driver's license, medical service..)
in this country.  It makes me very discouraged about anything positive
coming from the Italian political process.


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