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Terry W. Colvin fortean1 at mindspring.com
Thu May 12 01:09:04 UTC 2005

"Terry W. Colvin" fnarded:
> I keep coming across professors badmouthing evolutionary psychology as
> a junk field. I've read some basics, mostly Cosmides and/or Tooby, but
> fail to see why it has become such a popular whipping boy.
> A review of a new book arguing against EP is here:
> http://leiterreports.typepad.com/blog/files/wall_street_journal_review.pdf

Sympathize with Jeff's dilemma - trouble with "science" is that
most disciplines are based on much less than 1% of data (in
universe). That makes them all prone to swerves of fashion and
hype - as you can best see in those with the very least data (and
worst logic?: sociology and psychology / psychiatry etc).

Seems to me that at least the more simple E.P. sits. - say the
"step-parent v. natural parent" thing, are still subject to at
least two variables (which may be unique in each case):-

1) "natural" parent may not have been around very much: so little
or no parental bonding or recognition of responsibility

2) "step" parent may have spent more family-time (always with
other "natural" parent) and so made up the deficit of "bonding"
and "responsibility".

Even so think the historical assault and murder stats re "step"
relationships would tend, on purely statistical basis, to support
the E.P. case. (Don't all you exceptions all get offended now).

Ray D

"... but few scientists nowadays seriously believe that their
laws are true."

- Profs. Jack Cohen & Ian Stewart - "Collapse of Chaos"

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