[extropy-chat] Military-run public anonymizer service

Adrian Tymes wingcat at pacbell.net
Tue May 17 20:37:28 UTC 2005


Between this, GPS, and a few other technological developments I've
been seeing...random, idle thought - tongue partly in cheek here.

It has been noted, in ages past, that among the biggest threats to any
representative government was its own military, mainly because of the
danger of a coup.  In modern America, the military has been one of the
main developers of technologies that have given power to the people -
which one could see as going directly against the interests of the
corporate and political Powers That Be.

It would be humorously ironic if the government of what many still call
the most free nation on Earth, were to succumb to a military-sponsored
"coup"...which consisted of even more free people simply rendering the
government as it stands largely irrelevant.  (Let the roads fix
themselves, let volunteers take on crime while assisted/directed by AIs
programmed to determine and serve the needs of the people above any
other goal, and so forth.)

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