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Mike Lorrey mlorrey at yahoo.com
Wed May 18 17:00:48 UTC 2005

--- Amara Graps <amara at amara.com> wrote:
> (I didn't follow all of this discussion, but I think that it is
> about abortion)

It was about stem cells and government thuggery subisiding terminations
of fetuses, either by abortions or research, and the right of taxpayers
to choose to not have their money spent on such things.

> Mike Lorrey:
> >Up until two weeks, both the father and mother have a right to
> >choose, IMHO generally clear of obligations to the fetus.
> TWO weeks?
> Tell me Mike, have you ever been pregnant?
> *Some* women know very soon when something has changed in their body.
> Many women do not know, until the next MONTH (at least), that they
> are pregnant.

No, Amara, never been pregnant. If a sexually active woman is not
pregnancy testing weekly, if not more frequently, on the pill, etc. and
waits for *nature* of all things to tell her something is amiss, then
she is quite CLEARLY not "in control" of her body, and has surrendered
any right to shut the barn door now that the horses are out, at least
as much as feminists like to claim the male surrenders control of his
sperm at the point of orgasm and thus looses any right to choose what
nature, or the woman, choose to do with it.

If she demands the right to go so far as to kill the results of her
irresponsibility, then the equally irresponsible male involved should
have an equal right to participate in that decision (and equal weight
in the outcome). Those who want the responsibility pay 100% of the
bills and keep all parental rights. Those who don't are off the hook.

My two week standard is hard and fast WRT stem cell research, WRT my
own moral standards. It might be flexible wrt abortion but I'd need to
see more objective science on it that didn't come from an advocacy

> Also I find it unlikely that doctor would (or could) perform a D&C
> abortion (the simplest kind) on a woman, who is two weeks pregnant.
> The signs must be clear.

What oh what is a morning after pill for, then, anyways, if not, uh,
the morning after?

Mike Lorrey
Vice-Chair, 2nd District, Libertarian Party of NH
"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom.
It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves."
                                      -William Pitt (1759-1806) 
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