Software patents was Re: [extropy-chat] Care Economy?

Brett Paatsch bpaatsch at
Fri May 20 08:20:20 UTC 2005

Emlyn wrote:

> Sorry, I don't know enough about the laws to comment in a detailed
> legal respect.

No probs at all I wanted a practitioners standpoint anyway and can
find out the actual legal stuff myself a bit further when I do some reading.

> So without getting into patents, I am reasonably protected by
> copyright law from someone just taking my software and onselling it as
> their own (creative commons licensing notwithstanding!).

"Creative commons" meaning "theft" ?

> If you don't believe my ranting,

...Your "ranting" rings true.

>'s a good article I plucked out
> of the ether at random, saying that the system of patents is stifling
> innovation:

Okay thanks.

> I believe that the regulators must remove the patent system in its
> entirety (though I don't think anyone is going to do it in a hurry).

That looks like a big call.   Interesting.   I don't think they are going
to do it in a hurry either.  In fact my very strong impression is that
intellectual property (IP) may get more rather than less important
but its interesting to mull over.

Thanks for the useful comments.

Brett Paatsch 

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