[extropy-chat] Bioethics Essay- Revised

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Tue May 24 01:51:14 UTC 2005

On May 23, 2005, at 5:59 PM, The Avantguardian wrote:

> The two theological doctrines that make up the meat of
> that part of my argument are The Immaculate Conception
> and the Infallibility of God. The second I don't
> explicitly mention by I do allude to. Do you think it
> would bolster my argument to explicitly mention the
> Infallibility of God?

I think you have no business basing an argument on either of these  
premises.  To do so is to wander into the Den of Eternal Soulless  
Theological Debate as an innocent fool as it were.  There is nothing  
you could possibly win by doing this.   Where did the Infallibility  
of God come from anyway?  It says plain as day in Genesis that God  
regretted creating man.  The Immaculate conception is a Catholic  
myth.  It isn't even important to many Protestants except as  
supposedly fulfilling a mistranslation of some Old Testament prophecy.

- samantha

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