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Tue May 24 05:31:54 UTC 2005

--- Mike Lorrey <mlorrey at yahoo.com> wrote:

> The theological problem is worse than that. A
> soulless being is an
> empty vessel that can be filled by any demon, thus
> to the xians who
> subscribe to the posession/demonology stuff as real,
> making soulless
> clones is tantamount to building a demon army for
> the anti-christs
> imminent arrival (you don't have to be a Star Wars
> fan to see this).
> Tis better to accept that any embryo, natural or
> engineered, gains a
> soul through the unconditional gift of the mothers
> love in the womb.
> Don't give the chiliasts any purchase.

Thats just great! I spend a whole weekend wracking my
brain to find arguments that a xian would believe to
convince them that God doesn't mind us harvesting
cloned embryos because they are souless only to to
find out that I would be helping the antichrist summon
his demon army. I need a drink. :) 

If anything Mike you have convinced me of the folley
of engaging my opponents in that quagmire of the mind.

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