[extropy-chat] Parents: Question re children and nutrition

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Tue May 24 18:16:32 UTC 2005

> 1.  Are you satisfied with the lunches served at your child's school?

Yes. They eat one meal per day there. I am fairly certain that the
nutritional value of that food is not so low that the children will suffer
any real effects. After all, they eat 2 other meals and snacks per weekday,
all weekend and summer, holidays, etc. at home.

> 2.  Is your child's school providing traditional lunches in an assembly
> line, or are the schools supporting "food courts" (a style fabricated
> Mall food courts)?

Traditional assembly line method.

> 3.  Does your child leave school to get lunch at fast food locations?

No. They are too young. I would think that by the time they are old enough
to eat on their own, they will be educated enough to make halfway decent
decisions about food.

> 4.  Does your child's school provide classes on nutrition?

Not whole classes, but bith the health classes and the science classes cover
it. Mentin is also made of how poor nutrition had effects on things in
history class as well. They have "nutrition" day(s) each year where 1 or 2
days the entire school focuses on such things. They do the same thing with
dental car and hygiene.
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