[extropy-chat] Gifted people - a model to design a new brain training technology - conditions and consequences ?

Dimitri Nokovitch dnokovitch at inview-consulting.com
Tue May 24 17:23:06 UTC 2005

Hello all, 
I'm a consultant in IT and eManagement for huge multi-national
20 years ago, I was passionate by physical and intellectual excellence. 
I was Taekwon Do (Korean karate) champion of France, several times
selected to participate to international competitions, including the
third world championships in Chicago.
I used auto-hypnosis techniques to prepare fights and to learn new
techniques faster than with the traditional training.
As a student, I tried also to increase mental capabilities using
auto-hypnosis, but result was relatively poor.
One day, I met "mind champions" who changed my conception of life.
Their study became a hobby and my first profession as a trainer. 
I met :
*	a young girl ; she was sixteen and particularly talented. Nearly
graduated, two years of advance, one reading to learn a full lesson,
*	a young male, nineteen years old, two times major of his
university, working not too much, practising triathlon the rest of his
time, one hear to learn complex contents,
*	several kids members of a French gifted children association, 
*	a young phenomenon who never went at school and succeeded to his
baccalaureate when he was 11 years old,
*	a full promotion of children at the Glenn Doman Institute for
achievement of human potential of Philadelphia,
*	and many others teens and adults.
Majority of people are astonished when they are confronted to mental
They think that it is not possible to reach levels of cognitive
performance you can observe with gifted and super gifted people.
They consider genetics factors first and super gifted people almost as
Even teachers or trainers working daily with gifted children don't ask
themselves questions. 
I had a "shaky discussion" with Glenn Doman. 
He thought that his method stimulates the natural talents of each human,
especially children. 
But he was unable to say what cognitive capabilities were used and
He did not realize that in the same group of children, several ways to
learn were unconsciously used by girls and boys.
When I said : "did you ask them how they do to learn and memorize ?". He
answered : "they are too young to understand such questions".
He fired me from his course when I told him : "One of them mentally
talks, the other see mental images, this one uses the two techniques and
that's how this one structures the informations".
Putting apart creativity, all gifted people I met have common
particularities :
1.	they repeat almost the same two leitmotivs and are self
2.	they use several sensitive channels at the same time,
3.	they use two complementary ways to structure data on real time.
All these capabilities are shared by anyone but are not trained at home
and at school.
Most people are not self confident and are not trained as gifted and
super gifted were from their childhood.
They think that it is not possible to memorize more than 10% of a long
speech. They believe that after a year, almost all information learned
during a session will be lost.
That's not true. 
After one hour of a video presentation, the minimum percentage of
restitution over 100 questions was 53% with MCQ and about 35% with open
questions, among about 200 people I trained in business schools,
training centres and enterprises. 
Students reached an average of 65% of restitution.
A very few people reached more than 80%.
After an auto check and a repetition at night, the percentage of
restitution reached about 10% more, one week later.
One year later without repetition, only 5% of data were forgotten.
The main problem of people is to have the right mental attitude, to
combine cognitive techniques and to structure data on real time. 
With an appropriate training, It's possible to reach the same level of
capabilities than "gifted and super gifted people" when they extract,
analyze and structure information. 
I designed, practised and shared such training with adults and children.
Unfortunately, such technologies are not used and generalized at school,
when they can become natural ways of learning.
During a training of several months, adults must make significant
efforts to reach performances such about 95% of long term memorization.
But their social and professional context lead them to use tools instead
they brain. 
When children are taught this way, they have a so incredible advance
that they suffer from their social environment. 
After an education that started when the was 9 months, my daughter was
two years advanced and she suffered from her exceptional maturity and
intellectual advance all along the primary school and the two first
classes of secondary school. 
Let's think about all of this.
Best regards 
Dimitri Nokovitch 
InView Consulting
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