Question for Samantha on religion in the US? (was Re: [extropy-chat] Original Sin was Bioethics Essay)

Dirk Bruere dirk at
Tue May 24 23:17:41 UTC 2005

Brett Paatsch wrote:

> Samantha Atkins wrote:
>> Knowledge never was a sin in Christianity to the best of my  
>> experience and knowledge of it.   Let's stop speaking as if it were  
>> unless someone has something a lot more authoritative than a  
>> ....  The work of reaching some  Christians is difficult enough
>> without making things up that make it harder.
> I agree.
> Btw: have you developed your idea of a transhuman religion
> any? I'd be particularly interested in seeing how the legal aspects of 
> founding it would work if you tried to found it
> in some particular state within the US such as perhaps the
> one where you currently live or plan to settle. If you want
> to check out the legal aspect of that I'd be happy take a
> look at it with you as a way of learning how a religion is established 
> and dealt with by the current law of the US,
> together. 
> Don't wait to long though or I'll have to rescind the offer,
> and this offer from me, isn't open to everyone, it is specific
> to you. (ie. You'd have to make the running on it though just
> like the Avantguardian wrote his essay, and so its *his* essay).
> I *think* the exercise at looking at how religion fits into the
> legal structure in the US might be of interest to others on
> this list.

I thought one already existed, but people here seem reluctant to mention it.


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