[extropy-chat] Re: Question for Samantha on religion in the US?

Dirk Bruere dirk at neopax.com
Wed May 25 00:10:18 UTC 2005

Damien Broderick wrote:

> At 12:17 AM 5/25/2005 +0100, Dirk wrote:
>>> I *think* the exercise at looking at how religion fits into the
>>> legal structure in the US might be of interest to others on
>>> this list.
>> I thought one already existed, but people here seem reluctant to 
>> mention it.
>> http://www.prometheism.net/
> Gee, I wonder why? Let's drill down one single level on that site:
> http://home.ddc.net/ygg/etext/index.htm
> < This page is dedicated to electronically-accessible books that form 
> the core literature of Western Civilization. Many of Yggdrasil's 
> students wonder what it means to be 'white' - or European. Many are 
> unaware of their own cultural heritage that stretches back over 4,000 
> years.>
Very true.

> Gotta love that dinky curvy swastika emblem, too.

Yea... great isn't it? Except, of course, that it's not a Swastika but a 
stylised triskele.
Anyway, let it not be said that there is no Transhumanist religion, 
because there is.
And in common with all religions there are people that hate it.


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