[extropy-chat] Original Sin was Bioethics Essay

Dirk Bruere dirk at neopax.com
Wed May 25 01:01:20 UTC 2005

Mike Lorrey wrote:

>--- Dirk Bruere <dirk at neopax.com> wrote:
>>So far AI has avoided major political-religious complications,
>>because it does not exist in a form that challenges overall Human 
>>supremacy. Of course, by the time such an AI does exist it will be
>>late for anyone to do anything. Hence IMO its a non-issue as far as
>>we  are concerned.
>An athlete who had only been a sprinter for 6 months outran all but the
>fastest sprinters at the Athens Olympics this past year. How? He was a
>double amputee with gazelle-like artificial running limbs specially
>designed for sprinting. Several single amputee runners at the
>paralympics protested his technological advantage....
After the event.
Was he using powerskip adaptations?

In the context of AI it would be somewhat too late.


The Consensus:-
The political party for the new millenium

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