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Dirk Bruere dirk at neopax.com
Wed May 25 01:35:26 UTC 2005

Damien Broderick wrote:

>>>> http://www.prometheism.net/
>>> Gotta love that dinky curvy swastika emblem, too.
>> Yea... great isn't it? Except, of course, that it's not a Swastika 
>> but a stylised triskele.
> In a world where South African racists notoriously used it as their 
> symbol, it's the ambiguity that concerns me; a disturbing choice, 
> given all the other iconography available in the world. See, for example:
> http://www.adl.org/hate_symbols/neo-nazi_three_sevens.asp
> Symbol Type
> Neo-Nazi Symbol
> Skinhead Symbol
> Symbol Description: Three "sevens" (or "curved" sevens) spiraling from 
> a common center.
> Also Known As
> Triskelion, Three-Bladed Swastika, "Flowering Power"
> Traditional Use/Origins
> The triskele is an ancient symbol used widely in pre-Christian Europe. 
> One version of the triskele, with three human legs, has been used in 
> the coat of arms for the Isle of Man and the Kingdom of Naples. An 
> abstracted triskele appears on the seal of the United States 
> Department of Transportation. The version of the triskele that looks 
> like three linked sevens has a high degree of association with white 
> supremacy, but other versions do not and are most often used in a 
> non-racist context. They may frequently be seen in Celtic jewelry, 
> artwork, and in other similar contexts.
> ...
> Extremist Meaning or Representation
> White supremacy; association with the swastika and Nazi Germany.
> Background/History
> Essentially a variation on the swastika, and popular for that reason, 
> the triskele was a symbol occasionally used by the Nazi regime, most 
> notably as the insignia for a Waffen SS division composed of Belgian 
> volunteers. After World War II, the "Three Sevens" version of the 
> triskele was popularized by white supremacists in Europe and South 
> Africa. One South African group, the AWB (Afrikaner Resistance 
> Movement), used it as its flag, claiming that the three sevens 
> symbolized supremacy over the devil (frequently represented by "666"). 
> The symbol is also used as part of the logo of the international 
> racist skinhead group, Blood & Honour.

Lucky they didn't choose a sword, or a Celtic Cross eh? Not to mention a 
Promethean lightning bolt, or a Rune, or... Imagine how those have been 
used. There is one meaning you omitted which is very relevent, and that 
is 'progress'.

"* * A stylized *triskelion*, Greek for *three-leg*. See 32:17 
<http://www.symbols.com/encyclopedia/32/3217.html> in Group 32 
    This sign is associated with /progress/ and /competition/, and 
originated in ancient Greece, where it for instance was used on coins. "

I'll leave it as an exercise for you to work out the hidden meaning of 
the eight pointed star of the WTA. Xians are going to love that if/when 
it comes to their attention.


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