[extropy-chat] World Transhumanist Conference: July 22-24, 2005 (Caracas, Venezuela)

Jose Cordeiro jose_cordeiro at yahoo.com
Wed May 25 01:17:06 UTC 2005

Dear friends, 

This is the final announcement calling for papers for TransVision 2005 (www.TransHumanismO.org/tv05). The presenters’ deadline has been extended up to June 15, 2005, in order to accommodate some special requests, including those of performing artists.

TV05 will be the largest international transhumanist meeting in the history of the world. So far, we have confirmed participants from 23 countries from the Americas (North, Central and South), Asia, Africa and Europe. There will be people coming all the way from Canada to Kenya, from Brazil to Belgium, from Italy to India. TV05 will be a fantastic opportunity to meet and interact with fellow transhumanists from around the planet, and beyond: The opening video-conference will be given by Sir Arthur C. Clarke if his health and weather permit!

Coming to Venezuela is a lifetime opportunity (see www.embavenez-us.org/Venezuela%20Video%20%20DSL.wmv). The country is beautiful and the people are incredibly friendly (and beautiful too, we have the largest number of official Miss Universes in the world, not per capita, but in total numbers, and the same with Mister Universes:-)

Venezuela (whose name means "Piccola Venezia" or "Little Venice") has extraordinary natural beauties like the Caribbean beaches for scuba diving, snorkeling or just swimming (see www.venezuelatuya.com). Venezuela also has the highest cable car in the world (up to 15,000 feet high), the highest waterfall in the world (Angel Falls in Canaima, Gran Sabana, with close to 3,000 feet high in the Orinoquia-Amazonia) and the longest cave in the world (Cueva del Guacharo, which was visited several times by French scientist Jacques Cousteau). We will organize scuba diving sessions for those interested on Monday, July 25 (only $50 with everything included: equipment, transportation, meals, boats and swimming pool classes for new and expert divers). Interestingly, last year, Sir Arthur C. Clarke told me in Sri Lanka that scuba diving is the most transhumanist activity that we can experience now on Earth.

You can get a roundtrip airplane ticket from anywhere in North America to Caracas for less than $500, and from Europe for less than $700. From North America, you can probably get the best deals if you book separately first from your city to Miami and then from Miami to Caracas (Miami-Caracas can be as little as $200 roundtrip in advance, for example, check www.travelocity.com with flexible dates). From Europe, there are usually cheap direct flights via Frankfurt, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris and Rome, but you need to book now since July is high season for travel, oil prices are still rising and the inexpensive tickets go fast.

Most TV05 participants will be staying in a fantastic four star hotel, built by Nelson Rockefeller himself, for as little as $55 single or $30 shared double room, per person, per night, if we book for you here in advance (otherwise it might be over $100 per night). The "Hotel Avila" (http://www.hotelavila.com.ve) is considered the "Grand Dame" of hotels in Caracas and it is listed as Fodor's Choice in Venezuela (http://www.fodors.com/miniguides/mgresults.cfm?destination=caracas@46&cur_section=lod). No one can beat those prices, with free breakfast, swimming pool, gym and everything else expected from such hotels in a marvelous tropical setting.

The TV05 Caracas Organizing Committee is here to help you with any questions and/or doubts so that we will have a very successful TV05: the first international transhumanist conference in the developing world.

Transhumanistically yours,

Jose Cordeiro, M.Sc. (jose_cordeiro at yahoo.com)

Conference Chair (www.cordeiro.org)

Santiago Ochoa, M.S.

Venezuelan Organizing Committee (www.TransHumanismO.org)

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