[extropy-chat] Pearson: Conventional telecoms is obsolete

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Wed May 25 21:59:23 UTC 2005

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> Conventional telecoms is
> Pearson said the next global IT buzzword would be NBIC
> (nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive 
> science) convergence, which essentially means ICT will be seamlessly 
> integrated into everything around us.
> Outlining the future, Pearson said the next age would be the world of
> ambient intelligence, after which we would enter an age of
> simplicity.Eventually,
> before 2025, people would be able to feel as if they are in someone's
> office, feel their handshake or feel their hug, from a distance, and 
> telecoms will have gone as far as it can, he said.

Having endured some 6 months of terrible service from multiple VoIP
telephone companies (Vonage and Packet8), I have serious doubts about
the telecoms dying off any time soon. VoIP sucks big wads, to put it
simply. It makes cell phone service seem reliable. It makes the can and
string phones we made as kids seem like high fidelity.

Conventional telecom will never be obsolete, because it will always
offer a more reliable, higher fidelity, product than any packet
technology going over the same wire.

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