[extropy-chat] Out There Damned Spot

Marc Geddes marc_geddes at yahoo.co.nz
Fri May 27 05:48:20 UTC 2005

Ah, the joy of the jarring.  The allure of anomaly. 
The esoteric eccentricity.  The deviation in the data.

Infrared heat, of course, is a major tell-tale sign of
technology.  I'm sure that there is always the wild
hope in the back of everyone's mind:  ALIEN ARTIFACT!

It is intriguing.  From the news clip:

"At first glance, I thought the feature looked
strange, almost out of place," Robert Brown, a member
of the Cassini project, said Wednesday.


THE BRAIN is wider than the sky,  
  For, put them side by side,  
The one the other will include  
  With ease, and you beside. 

-Emily Dickinson

'The brain is wider than the sky'


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