[extropy-chat] Spore: simulated evolution

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Sat May 28 10:01:58 UTC 2005

After SimCity and the Sims,
Spore starts you off as a single cell inside a tide pool, consuming harmless 
cells and avoiding hostile ones, accumulating points all the while. 
Eventually you'll be able to develop your single cell into a stronger 
multicelled organism, then a complex reptile or mammal - which can mate, 
create offspring and evolve into an intelligent tribe that must compete and 
cooperate with other tribes developing independently on other parts of the 
planet. (Sound familiar?) Once your tribe develops the technology, you can 
travel to other planets, solar systems and galaxies, colonizing your way 
through the universe as benevolently or maliciously as you see fit.
It has been suggested that artificial life and artificial intelligence will 
emerge "naturally" out of the worls of computer games, this is a step in 
that direction.
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