[extropy-chat] back from the cold and cancer vaccines

Jan Gruber bchjg at nus.edu.sg
Tue May 31 10:16:01 UTC 2005

Hi - I always enjoy reading the more "technical" discussions here but usually 
just "lurk". However, this time I thought some references would be helpful ....

>> I'm still sceptical, Eugen often champions this
>> area, but
>> I don't think I can put my hand on a reliable peer
>> reviewed
>> case of a human being surviving (essentially intack
>> brainwise)
>> after 30 minutes at the bottom of a frozen lake. Can
>> you?


>I doubt that the Guiness Book of World Records counts
>as "peer reviewed" however they do have a reputation
>for accuracy. Reference Jan Egil Refsdahl of Norway
>who was brought back to life (he never actually died)
>after 4 hours of cardiac arrest when he fell overboard
>into icy seas on Dec. 7, 1987. His body temp. was only
>75 degrees F (24 degrees C) when they rescued him.

PubMed has quite a few case reports of successful rescue after drowning in cold water - all in peer reviewed journals. 
For example:
Modell, J. H.; Idris, A. H.; Pineda, J. A.; Silverstein, J. H. Survival after prolonged submersion in freshwater in Florida. Chest 125:1948-1951; 2004.
Schmidt, U.; Fritz, K. W.; Kasperczyk, W.; Tscherne, H. Successful resuscitation of a child with severe hypothermia after cardiac arrest of 88 minutes. Prehospital. Disaster. Med. 10:60-62; 1995.
Most of these are children and the times reported are somewhat shorter then 4h (note that the 88min above might not all be prior to start of  CPR  ...).
>> Because cancers are mutated human cells, vaccines would be
>> problematic in many cases wouldn't they, in that,
>> the vaccine would be homing in on antigens that might occur
>> naturally in the human body?

Regarding tumour vaccines and how/why tumour antigens are different from antigens normally found in the body (despite deriving form the persons "own" cells), I found this article gave quite a nice overview:
Hospital Practice, Dec 15, 2000, Elizabeth M. Jaffee (Johns Hopkins University)
I hope you will find this information interesting,
Jan Gruber

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