[extropy-chat] Rotary animation in New Nanotech book by Josh Hall

Gina Miller nanogirl at halcyon.com
Tue May 31 20:33:53 UTC 2005

Thank you for pointing this out Damien, I modified the information on my site last night. : )

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  At 07:26 PM 5/30/2005 -0700, Gina "Nanogirl" Miller wrote:

  >I received my copy of 
  >by J. Storrs Hall, PhD which is the first book to include an image of my 
  >first technical animation Rotary.


  >Mr. Hall has published many papers

  Indeed he has, but since he holds a PhD I believe that should make JoSH 
  *Dr.* Hall, no? Although I've noticed American usage is a bit random in 
  this regard.

  Damien Broderick

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