[extropy-chat] In the new Physics Today

David Lubkin extropy at unreasonable.com
Fri Nov 18 21:07:43 UTC 2005

The new (Nov 2005) Physics Today is out.

- Steve Weinberg (Nobel for charmed quarks) article on Einstein's mistakes

- article on superconducting circuits and quantum information

- Dan Kleppner essay  (You may have seen the AP picture of Dan and 
his wife delivering bagels at 6 AM to new Laureate Roy Glauber a few 
weeks ago.)

- letters to the editor about the Feynman lectures, including one 
from sf and science writer Jeff Hecht

- an opinion piece from sf writer and physicist, Greg Benford (who 
teased my mother mercilessly about not getting paid for it)

www.physicstoday.org or your local library.

-- David.

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