[extropy-chat] bug evolution

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sat Nov 19 18:26:04 UTC 2005

> after which the front is covered with smashed bees (their guts are 
> yellow)...

Why is that?  Whenever a mammal is slain upon the freeway, its innards are
red.  But any flying insect that smashes upon one's windshield is
universally yellow inside, sometimes with a streak of red, which we might
assume is blood similar to mammalian blood.  We can imagine that insects
need less blood, since they get oxygen to their organs primarily by
diffusion.  We can also suppose that whatever that yellow goo is inside all
insects must be approximately the same stuff, extrapolating from the notion
that the stuff inside all mammals is approximately the same.

Has anyone seen bug guts any other color besides yellow?  Why yellow?


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