[extropy-chat] Civilization and War

Al Brooks kerry_prez at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 3 06:48:01 UTC 2006

Aside from all you correctly mention below is
something quite unpleasant to dwell on: the Iranians
are very brave, they are determined to fight, if
necessary, to the last Iraqi in order to advance their
national and pan-Shiite goals.
What to do-- lobotomize the Iranian government?

> It will go on until a strong-man takes over.  One
> whose
> every move is not criticized in the Western press.  
> Some
> nice fellow like Saddam Hussein.
> On the one hand, the U.S. should have installed such
> a
> strongman (who could put real fear into his enemies
> unlike
> the mambly-pambly Western sissies), although alas,
> so 
> long as he was pro-Western, there would be utterly
> no
> limit to the daily bombardment of his atrocities. 
> You never
> saw complaints during the last 30 years in the
> Western
> press about Castro's brutalities (except maybe in
> Florida).
> Had Castro been a U.S. supporter, however, the
> stories
> would have been constant.  This is all part of the
> leftist-
> socialist-deathwish of the West, and the cultural
> blinders
> than make Bush more evil than Saddam Hussein in the
> eyes of so many otherwise well-educated people.
> Lee

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