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Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Sun Dec 3 14:41:35 UTC 2006

Jef writes

> When deciding truth or other preferences of optimum structure it is not
> rational to expect that the optimum "may very well lie between us."  I
> alluded to this earlier with the phrase "the tepid waters of 'ideal'
> democracy."

I was speaking of *attitude*.  Please try to refrain from speaking down
to some of us who disagree with you.  Yes---thankfully---it's seldom,
and take my criticism for what it's worth, but that's all that was meant.
(And I'm not disputing the possibility that this may be the kettle calling
the pot black.)  Of course, each of us believes himself to be in the right,
but then, if not, why open one's mouth?

>> Do you really think that 
>> after a while in some long thread someone is going to 
>> suddenly say, "Oh, I see!  I was wrong and you were right."  
>> That is NOT how it works, Jef.  Your arguments create small 
>> doubts in their minds which when things go well for your 
>> arguments gradually grow and eventually convince them---or at 
>> least cause their minds to change.  But not in real time.
>> I have said that before. Do you or do you not think that what 
>> I have written just above is indeed how it works?
> Yes, I have seen that this is usually how it works.  But as I said
> earlier, my main interest is about whether it need be so dismally
> ineffective, while acknowledging the constrained bandwidth of
> interaction.  I keep thinking we could do better if we were to augment
> the discussions with concept maps, effective use of storytelling in
> combination with more linear logic, develop a progression of nested
> concepts, etc.

Dream on!  After all, without such dreams progress is seldom 
achieved.  But so far as I'm concerned at the present time, you
are simply dreaming.

Each of us has to simply try as hard as he or she can, and as hard
as time permits, to make our writing clearer, to try to avoid 
misunderstanding the other person.


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