[extropy-chat] WTA list?

pjmanney pj at pj-manney.com
Tue Dec 5 00:40:46 UTC 2006

I've just sent Marcelo a heads-up.  Usually I'm the one the WTA server hates.  Now it's you all, too???  Hopefully he'll have a fix soon.


>On 12/4/06, The Avantguardian <avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I was just curious, does anybody here know what
>> happened to the WTA-talk list? I don't know if it is
>> the whole list or just me, but I have not been able to
>> send or recieve from them for almost a week now.
>There are some messages in the archives at:
>but I agree that the WTA list seems to have stopped sending me mail
>around last Tuesday, Nov 28.
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