[extropy-chat] examples of rational irrationalism

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Wed Dec 6 14:39:16 UTC 2006

The Avanguardian writes

> Al Brooks wrote:
>> The question is: do rational reasons exist for
>> irrational thinking and behavior that enable one to
>> escape irrational reality? 
> When it comes to rational irrationalism, I think these
> guys take the cake:
> http://www.vhemt.org/

Why do you think that eliminating mankind is necessarily
irrational?  Don't you concur with the (generally accepted
here) version of what it means to be rational?  Namely,
as Rafal put it, "rationality (to use the dictionary meaning)
is optimizing behavior to achieve goals".   So if your goal
is a pristine Earth free of unnatural (i.e. human) effects,
then what's irrational about trying to get rid of everyone,
including yourself?

> Why should we care more about nature than the rest of
> nature cares about itself or us for that matter? We
> are the ONLY part of nature that cares one bit about
> nature. That is more than enough, in my opinion, to
> make up for all the damage we might cause. Unlike an
> asteroid or a volcano, we will write poems in loving
> memory of the trees we kill. Dylan Thomas must be
> rolling over in his grave. 

I agree with your prescriptions!  Your goals for humanity
overlap with mine.


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