[extropy-chat] god delusion and simulachron-3

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>... Recall how Dawkins or Sagan would take
> the exactly opposite tack with regard to artistic or aesthetic
> appreciation of our world...

In Dawkins' book The God Delusion he quotes an argument that goes like this,
in loose paraphrase:

1.  God is that which nothing greater can be conceived or imagined.

2.  In determining the greatness of any creation, the disability or handicap
of the creator must be taken into account.  When comparing two paintings,
for instance, imagine one was created by a quadriplegic who weilds the
brushes in her teeth.  That painting is more wonderful and remarkable than
the other, all else being equal.

3.  Assume the universe is god's wonderful work of creation.

4.  No greater handicap can be imagined for any creator than not existing.

5.  That god could create such a wonderful universe without actually
existing is therefore the greatest conceivable act.  At least I cannot
imagine anything greater.

6.  Therefore god does not exist.


Dawkins rocks.

He comments offhandedly on page 73 "...SciFi authors, such as Daniel Galouye
in Counterfeit World, have even suggested (and I cannot think how to
disprove it) that we live in a computer simulation, set up by some vastly
superior civilization."  Also known as Simulachron-3, this book was
published in 1964.  So was Galouye the first to suggest this?



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