[extropy-chat] god delusion and simulachron-3

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Fri Dec 8 04:02:33 UTC 2006

The Spikester writes

> In Dawkins' book The God Delusion he quotes an argument that goes like this,
> in loose paraphrase:
> 1.  God is that which nothing greater can be conceived or imagined.

Hmm. This is starting out exactly like St. Anselm's *for* the existence
of God.  So far, so good!

> 2.  In determining the greatness of any creation, the disability or handicap
> of the creator must be taken into account.  When comparing two paintings,
> for instance, imagine one was created by a quadriplegic who weilds the
> brushes in her teeth.  That painting is more wonderful and remarkable than
> the other, all else being equal.
> 3.  Assume the universe is God's wonderful work of creation.

Ah, this is the fatal assumption?   Which leads to a contradiction?

> 4.  No greater handicap can be imagined for any creator than not existing.
> 5.  That God could create such a wonderful universe without actually
> existing is therefore the greatest conceivable act...
> 6.  Therefore god does not exist.
> {8^D
> Dawkins rocks.

Great!  Thanks much for this.  Next time that I want to explain to
people why logic cannot always be trusted, I now have two
very similar sounding airtight arguments that----lead to opposite


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