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>...Because there are a group of people pushing SecondLife to the ExICh
community without perhaps providing sufficient "due diligence".  I thought I
would relate my experiences...


Interesting observations by Robert, thanks man.  {8-]

I had one to add and one of Robert's with which I disagree.  First the
disagreement, his point number 5:

	5) Private, profit driven company behind the software (are the
founders looking to "pump" and "dump" the user community?)

I see that as a good thing.  I would think that all such efforts should be
operated by private, profit driven companies.  If the company makes money,
it helps insure the longevity of the sim world.  But for the time being, let
us move on, since there are legitimate alternative views on that point.

I see it as a major shortcoming in SL design that the character can suspend
physics.  Being able to fly by hitting page-up is cool in a way, but it can
be very limiting to a sim world.  I looove motorcycles, too much actually, a
character flaw I fear, love them to the point of actually considering them
sexual aids.  I say this not just because my own son was conceived on a
cross country motorcycle trip, but rather that I can actually get turned on
(yes in *that* way) by some motorcycles, oy.  As much as I love bikes, if I
could fly by merely hitting a key, I would give up bikes in a heartbeat, far
too limiting they would be.  

I was in SL a few days ago, saw some guy with a nicely rendered motorcycle.
I walked toward the biker to get a closer look, but before I got there, he
picked it up and walked off with the machine under his arm.  Hmmm.  

I can imagine someone inventing something extremely similar to SL with a
very important difference: one must walk around in the usual meat-world way,
or may buy a boat, car or bike, or possibly even a flying machine, but
everything should at least approximate the physical world as we know it.  It
is a wonderful enough fantasy that we may create ourselves to be beautiful,
healthy and young, with the social advantages inherent in an online fantasy
world to those of us who scored well on the verbal SATs.  


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