[extropy-chat] The Powers of Breast Milk

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> http://www.sciencenews.org/articles/20061209/bob8.asp
> It describes the multitude of ways breast milk, or its components, may be
> used in the future as cures of ills from MS to cancer... 

"Honest Honey, I have no interest whatsoever in this half-naked young lady!
I am doing this strictly for my health..."

Or look at it this way.  Even if it didn't actually extend life, at least
one would die a happy man.  {8^D

>...but what would they call it when they marketed it?
> (Damien?  Spike?  Robert?  Anders?  I'm handing this one to you on a
> silver-plated hospital tray.)
> PJ

Thanks PJ, you are too kind.  I was in the mood for playfulness.  {8^D
Marketing breast milk, hmm, let's see, the imagination reels.  How about:

MMMMMMMMMMMMilk!  It does a body even more good.

or perhaps

MMMMMilk!  It's not just for babies anymore.


MMilk!  As suggested in the last paragraph of Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath.


Mix it with vodka, call it Boob-n-lube:  


Good back then, even better now.


MMilk: Calves would love this stuff.


Breast Milk:  It's the real thing.


Tit-tea:  Good the last drop.

We need a name and a pitch for the product, but we will also of course need
a name for the company that provides the product:


Lactation Station, best milk in the nation.



PJ, do let us hope that Science Incorporated proves this notion true, and
that corporate America follows thru as we know very well it will.  {8-]


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