[extropy-chat] reproductive delusions

Al Brooks kerry_prez at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 10 03:24:13 UTC 2006

Until such time as someone can make copies of
themself, thinking one can live on through one's
children makes sense, though we know otherwise.
Families are often if not usually built on fairy
tales: love lasting forever, living happily ever
after; so why ought thinking having children leads to
immortality be any more delusive?  According to one
source, we have a one in 1,755 chance of dying from an
injury, not to mention sickness. Unless your DNA is
frozen and utilized, a fatal accident means
extinction. However having 10 or more children means
your DNA has a quite good chance of being immortalized
in some way. Catholics who have double digit numbers
of children may sense this no matter what they may say
about their spiritual beliefs; they may-- depending on
the individual-- be having it both ways: if divine
immortality fails then having lots of kids does not
hurt their chances of what they might consider
immortality. Having large broods can be an insurance
policy for the spiritually-oriented.

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