[extropy-chat] Logical or rational?

Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Mon Dec 11 06:23:41 UTC 2006

--- Lee Corbin <lcorbin at rawbw.com> wrote: 
> What's wrong with having one's thoughts based upon
> one's perspective?  

What makes one own's personal belief better than

> More to the point, how can one possibly avoid doing
> so?

Using logic:)

No matter the reasoning (religion, pride, after life
reward), the effect outweighs the cause.  Logical is
knowing that a life is worth close to zero compared to
a 1000 lives, that's why the bombers are rational but
not logical.  

>I believe that they *were* and *are* being most
>logical, given their goals. As you wrote, being
>logical amounts to using valid reasoning.  And if 
>your goal is jihad, then what could be illogical
>about killing non-believers?

I would assume that a 1000 followers are better than a
1001 dead.

>being irrational is knowing at some level what you
>really most want to do, but not being able to do it.

No. I believe rational is knowing what it is to be
irrational and choosing to be irrational.

>I'd quit apologizing for it if I were you  :-)

Why?  If I feel I screwed up, why should I hesitate to
I have nothing to prove and a lot to learn, sorry you
don't feel the same.

Happy holidays

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