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The full title of this Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair article is "Neural
Internet: Web Surfing with Brain Potentials for the Completely
but it is clear this same technology, once fully developed, will be more
generally applicable and permit operating the worldwide datasphere by

Neural Internet is a new technological advancement in brain-computer
interface research, which enables locked-in patients to operate a Web
browser directly with their brain potentials. Neural Internet was
successfully tested with a locked-in patient diagnosed with amyotrophic
lateral sclerosis rendering him the first paralyzed person to surf the
Internet solely by regulating his electrical brain activity.

[The performance of the brain-computer communication systems is still very
limited - even trained patients still need a very long time to surf the web
and write emails. However, research is ongoing and it is evident where this
R&D process will lead: operating the worldwide datasphere by thought]. In
general, it can be assumed that if a patient can achieve reliable control of
any brain signal, which can be used as a binary or even as a
multidimensional input signal for a BCI system, Neural Internet can be
implemented based on this signal.

If future BCI research can overcome the mentioned constraints of the current
brain-computer communication systems, then the following scenario could be
reality in the not too distant future: is sitting paralyzed in his
wheelchair but can chat with a relative in another city, play chess with a
friend in another country, search the World Wide Web for information, and
even buy or sell articles. And all that without any voluntary muscle
control, solely by the power of his thoughts. Cogito ergo sum.

Source <http://nnr.sagepub.com/cgi/reprint/20/4/508.pdf>
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