[extropy-chat] mathimatical model for the singularity

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> I believe so.  But the transition from  nm to fm is one of those difficult
> limits I was outlining.  Though we can deal with electrons and photons, it
> is questionable whether we will be able to eliminate atoms from the
> picture.  That will place constraints on things.

Indeed, atoms could be the linit of how small we can go.

> Yes, those and $1.25 will get you a ride on the Boston MBTA at this time.

 What is this Boston MBTA ?

>You can approximate the ramp up to it and how fast it may change but unless
your equations actually look like an S in the long run -- something like
slowly growing from 2006 through ~2020, speeding up significantly and going
through the roof from ~2030-2050 and then slowing down signifcantly into
something relatively flat from ~2060-70 for the next few hundred years (at
least) they don't capture the essence.

As I said, I'm sure my model could be based on an S-curve and would then
flatten out, and after the change goes through the roof I don't know that we
can really mae any predictions.

Something like that.  People are going to have an interesting time deciding
> what is really important after all the "classical" guides (derived from
> classical resource limits, selfish genes, etc.) have to be thrown out.

Well, you have been saying that there will still be resource limits, and
there will still be selfish memes.

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