[extropy-chat] Logical or rational?

Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Tue Dec 12 02:47:12 UTC 2006

--- Lee Corbin <lcorbin at rawbw.com> wrote:
>I meant in the choice of goals. Suppose that you love
>golf and wish to build as many golf courses as
>possible. So long as this does not conflict with any
>of your other goals, one simply cannot say that this
>is logical or illogical.

That depends.  I think someone wanting to build as
many golf courses as possible is a logical goal.  I
wouldn't think it logical if someone wanted to build
as many golf courses as possible and in the process
put 300 to 400 families in the street to achieve that
goal.  It would appear rational for the rich and
greedy person that really didn't care. It's not
logical because the effect outways the cause.  The
families that are put on the street will eventually
retaliate, you'll have the golf green lanes looking
like bonfires, there will be legal problems,
harassment, etc.  This will eventually lead to
conflict with your other goals. Instead, keep the
goal, look for the place that doesn't put 300 to 400
families in the street, and everybody wins. That's
>> No matter the reasoning (religion, pride, after
>>life reward), the effect outweighs the cause.  
>>Logical is knowing that a life is worth close to 
>>zero compared to a 1000 lives, that's why the 
>>bombers are rational but not logical.  

>But they don't *value* those thousand lives, don't
>you see? To them it's as if you refused to step foot
>through a forest because you might destroy a thousand
>ants.  You do walk the forest, and when it really
>comes down to it, you don't value the ants.

I can sympathize with the suicide bombers to the
extent that they are doing what they believe is right.
 If I woke up every single day and was brainwashed
with lies and false accusations, I could very well
have been born that same suicide bomber.  
They where just not taught to be logical.

That's why I wondered if the suicide bombers did know
the 1000 people personaly, would they have the
capability to perform the same goal?
>being irrational is knowing at some level what you
>really most want to do, but not being able to do

>>No. I believe rational is knowing what it is to be
>>irrational and choosing to be irrational.

No, I was wrong:) I believe for now, that rational is
based on belief.  Irrational is knowing logic and
choosing to be irrational anyway.

Your saying: I want to eat fast food but I can't do
I'm saying: Although I know fast food is not good for
my health, i'm going to order a pizza:)

Again, I just wanted to know if I was grasping some of
the ideas, I hope I have. 
Happy Holidays

>To say "I'm sorry because I thought that the moon was
>made of green cheese" is overkill.

Maybe.  It's just the way I am.
>>I have nothing to prove and a lot to learn, sorry
>>you don't feel the same. 

What I meant is that I can't help being me. I
apologize when I believe i'm wrong.   

>But I do feel the same about that.  I did say that we
>were in the same boat:  and that includes trying to
>learn and trying to have an open mind.  I don't know
>where you inferred that I think I don't have a lot to

My apology if I gave you that impression:)  It wasn't
what I meant.  

> P.S.  The quality of your writing and quoting and so
> on is really improving!  Thanks for the effort!

Thanks for noticing.

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