[extropy-chat] Bully Magnets

Keith Henson hkhenson at rogers.com
Wed Dec 13 06:15:01 UTC 2006

At 03:33 PM 12/13/2006 +1100, Olie wrote:

>On 12/13/06, Keith Henson 
><<mailto:hkhenson at rogers.com>hkhenson at rogers.com> wrote:
>At 05:24 AM 12/12/2006 -0800, Lee wrote:
>Now what we might be able to do about it--that's another story and I could
>really use help with some ideas here.
>Learn to separate the act from the actor, maybe...
>Or, if looking for a non-culturo-educational solution, "Take a chill pill"  :)

I think you might have missed the point.  The model here indicates vast 
numbers of people will die in wars and related social disruptions.

Including, if we are unlucky, some or perhaps even many of us.

My personal optimal solution would be to leave the whole solar system 
behind, preferable many light years behind.

But just as a tribe very seldom had the option to move out of contact with 
other tribes here on earth, I can't get out of the way of the unfriendly, 
no, crazed, tribes that are about to duke it out.

Keith Henson

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