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Al Brooks kerry_prez at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 13 14:55:01 UTC 2006

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  No, a 'rube' clearly implies someone who pushes their religion & politics, on others. Someone who lives in a very small town (such is called a hamlet) and leaves you alone is not a rube, they tend to the farm or run a business; a rube is engaged in more pushy efforts to qualify him as a rube.
   Bush is a rube, he is not content to oversee his estate in Crawford TX, he pushes his religion, for instance, on many people. Many Xians feel compelled by their scripture to 'witness' (push their faith) to potential converts. Rube religion.
  Anti-abortionists push 'pro-life' propaganda. Rube politics.
  Lee, I can't understand why you would think residents of very small towns who don't feel they have to lock their doors at night would be considered rubes by me.
  >Lee Corbin wrote:
  >...but it's also true that in a few very small towns, people, who Al would call "rubes"...

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