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> On 12/13/06, The Avantguardian
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> > Well Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld seem to have made
> that
> > decision for me.
> If you really think hatred of Bush et al constitutes
> support for blaming the
> victims for violent crime... well, I'm disappointed;
> I thought you had
> better moral standards than that.

Huh? Bush has nothing to do with the victim/victimizer
argument. You are confusing two separate arguments of
mine. One is moral and the other is ontological. 

In my *moral* argument I contend that Bush is the
moral equivalent of an inner-city gangster only white,
far more powerful, and therefore orders of magnitude
more damaging to society. He mugged America for our
treasury, Iraq for its oil, and killed a LOT of people
along the way.

I invoked Bush as an example because I find Lee's
desire to round up inner-city gangsters into
concentration camps for summary execution morally
ABHORRENT. Demographically such gangsters are mostly
young black males who are already in danger of
extinction from one another, crack cocaine, HIV, and
serving in Iraq. If you can tolerate a big gangster
like Bush, then you should be able to tolerate a bunch
of lesser gangsters no matter what color they are.
Killing people is always morally wrong except in
self-defense. Pre-emption is not self-defense. 

How can you support such a notion yet question my
moral standards over my advising victims to learn how
to defend themselves against violence instead of
expecting the state to do it for them? Especially
since that argument wasn't a moral one but an
ontological one based on natural selection, causative
determinism (i.e. karma), and freedom of choice?

Open your eyes, Russell. Race is a non-sensical
socio-political construct of the state to keep its
people at constant odds with one another -- divided
and subjugated. Biologically there is more genetic
diversity WITHIN races than there are BETWEEN races. 

Does it shock you that you could be more closely
genetically related to some blacks than you are to
most other whites? Culture (i.e. social software)
however is a different matter entirely.

Stuart LaForge
alt email: stuart"AT"ucla.edu

"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." - Phillip K. Dick

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