[extropy-chat] tepid response to hdtv

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Thu Dec 14 11:47:24 UTC 2006

> Insight: how many of us use the television the same now as we did back in
> the old days?  Do you ever sit close enough to a TV and pay close enough
> attention to notice the difference?  I don't, haven't for years, since the
> internet showed up.  It often plays in the background, at a distance, but I
> don't want to pay more for a clearer picture.
> Am I the only one?

I don't even *have* TV any longer. Reception here is poor, cable is high priced and
full of rubbish I don't want to see - unless I pay for selected extra channels.  My
TV broke some years back and I've not missed it.


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