[extropy-chat] When Did (or Do) People Start Locking Doors?

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Fri Dec 15 20:21:49 UTC 2006

When I was growing up in New York City, I do not recall ever locking a door - all
through my teenage years I do not recall even having a key!

Surely Old-Timer's Disease must have snatched away my memory, because I have a hard
time believing this is accurate.

I also recall feeling unthreatened on the NYC subway at night. Travelling at night,
as a young person alone. Walking home through the dark streets at night, alone. Not
frightened. Enjoying the dark, enjoying how the streets and lights looked.

I have a picture on my wall, Edward Steichen's photo of the FlatIron Building.
Even though it's half a century too soon, it reminds me of the city of my childhood.
 And there's no threat there.

Where I live now, some folks still do not lock their doors. Mostly those are old
folks, ones who grew up here, and their memory and practice is of no keys - no

I'm not that way any longer. :(

We've lost something. Something I think was quite valuable. I have no idea how we
could go about getting it back.


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