[extropy-chat] random caveman thought

Technotranscendence neptune at superlink.net
Sun Dec 17 15:29:53 UTC 2006

On Sunday, December 17, 2006 5:41 AM BillK pharos at gmail.com wrote:
> Caves are good for preserving human remains. That's
> the main reason we associate early humans with caves.

This is true.

> But cave-dwelling as a permanent habitation would not
> have been possible before farming was invented. Hunter-
> gatherers and nomadic tribes would possibly have used
> caves temporarily until the nearby food sources were
> used up, then they would move on.

I agree.  It's also true that such caves might be reused for a band that
migrates, say, with the food and then migrates back later in the season.

> By the time farming was developed, there were usually
> many better options for housing available.

It seems also true that though protohumans or early humans had the
capability to build shelters, they might not have invented or learned
the actual skills until much later.  It's likely humans 50K years ago
had the potential to do set theory or build rockets, but it still took
thousands of years to acquire the actual skills to do either.



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