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Thomas Thomas at thomasoliver.net
Tue Dec 19 03:56:41 UTC 2006

Jef Allbright wrote:

>>pjmanney wrote:
>>[ . . . ] massive schisms in society and will redefine what society is. [ . . . ] until we find a way to achieve a 
>>socially viable balance.  [ . . . ]
>I think this is a key point [ . . . ] a *shared*
>appreciation of the importance of *diversity* as essential to our
>*common* growth.
>* [ . . . ] having equal worth, or immeasurable worth -- [ . . . ] ignores significant differences.
>* [ . . . ] having the right to do one's own thing [ . . . ] ignores
>significant commonalities.
>So few of us today see human society as an ecology, where one's
>intentional growth is based on effective awareness of a complex system
>of both competition and cooperation.
>Fortunately, as the Times article highlights, such awareness tends to
>emerge because it works.  But will it fly high enough and far enough
>just to meet our basic needs as primates who enjoy being entertained, or
>will we recognize and grasp it as a powerful and general tool of
>effective decision-making?
>- Jef
This sounds very encouraging to me.  Now if, as PJ Manney said, 
"Hierarchical power is out,"[1] then what is the unmuddled concept of 
the organizational scheme for this complex ecosystem?  Does it supercede 
democracy or is it a new form?  Is this some virtual republic?  Are 
"online people power" or "Web 2.0"  names that enable a grasp of this 
power tool?   Perhaps more of us could see it and use it to achieve 
better "cognitive enhancement"[2]  and "effective decision making"[3] if 
it had a coherant descriptive title -- and maybe a little handbook.  -- 

1. This list at 7:04 pm yesterday
2. Anders Sandberg, this list, 1:35 am
3. Jef Albright, above
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