[extropy-chat] Anders Sandberg on "Keep on raging against aging", Second Life, Dec. 18

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Tue Dec 19 09:58:34 UTC 2006

Anders Sandberg
<http://www.eudoxa.se/content/people.html#anderssandberg>gave a
lecture on life extension technology and associated ethical issues,
titled "Keep on raging against aging", on December 18, 2006, in uvvy
island<http://uvvy.com/index.php/Uvvy_island_in_SL>in Second
Life <http://uvvy.com/index.php/Second_Life>.

[image: Anders Sandberg in Second Life]

About 30 people attended the talk in Second Life, and a few others attended
on IRC via a gateway. The lecture audio was delivered via
I am sure Anders persuaded the audience that "In the past there was little
chance of actually doing much about ageing, so it would actually have been
rational to accept limited lifespan as any other inevitability. But given
the current technological state it seems that the opposite is true: it would
be irrational to not want to at least fix the negative aspects of ageing". Read
more... <http://uvvy.com/index.php/Sandberg181206>
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