[extropy-chat] Name that system

Robert Bradbury robert.bradbury at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 22:27:29 UTC 2006

In my somewhat common "cut to the chase" perspective, let us be clear on
several aspects -- what is being argued is to << 1% of the < 10% (of the
really educated) which are of course < 50% (of the average) which are < 60+%
of the majority of people on the planet.

Draw me a picture.  Does any of the discussion on this thread (or the
related threads) make any actual difference?  As Giu1i0 pointed out only 30
people, presumably many on this list or related lists, attended Anders'
discussion in Second Life on "raging against aging".  Presumably many of the
participants have heard it all before at Extro III, Extro IV, etc.  Recycled
memes are not propagated memes.

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