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It seems to me what Robert is talking about has a
lot to do with people having different points of
view.  For example, what is the "best path from
where we are now to where we might like to be?" is
obviously composed of very much POV.

The fact that so many Extropians have such
differing POV is what is really slowing down our
movement.  A great example is how differing POV
has ripped apart the World Transhumanist
Association over the last year.

If any of your colleagues have a differing POV
about what should go into the wiki - things break
down right?  Only one POV is tolerated - for as
long as people are willing to fight the infamous
"edit wars" right?

The part of "WE" that we all agree on - isn't
really all that interesting.  The biggest and most
important part of "WE" is how we differ (and being
able to quantitatively measure such...), I think.

Has anyone found any wiki anywhere that handles
differing POV in any way?

I think what transhumanists need is something that
can bridle differing POV in such a way that the
more diverse the POV, the more it drives us
together and forward?  What does everyone think
the prize could be for the first wiki that can
truly handle differing POV in a powerful unifying
quantitatively measurable way?

Brent Allsop

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Robert Bradbury:
>It only gives you "WE" if people want to

You're looking at this backwards, and you totally
missed the point of
my post.

1) WE (say, my colleagues and I) have a project of
which we want to

2) WE are physically disconnected (say, spread
over half the Earth).

3) WE want to share our resources to creatively
build something.

4) Wiki Farms give US (=WE) such an environment.

Have you actually looked? I think not.

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