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Thanks for this reference.  Wikiinfo is one I
haven't heard of yet.

But from what I can see this is a real
unnecessarily complex "scab" to a very messy
problem.  It doesn't provide any of what you
really need, if you ask me.

Sure, you can add "signed" content so others will
not change your authored POV and so people can
laboriously go to your signature information to
find out who you are (will you know if you can
trust them after this?).  But where is the "wiki"
in an un-editable article?

And there is still no way of knowing,
quantitatively how much "support" there is for any
POV article or argument or whatever contained in
any of the parts of the "SPOV article sets" or the
"forks" and so on.

Brent Allsop

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> Has anyone found any wiki anywhere that handles
> differing POV in any way?

One that is explicitly designed to handle many
POVs on the same topic
is a fork started by an active Wikipedia editor,
called Wikinfo. It
works by having sets of articles with differing
sympathetic points of
view rather than one article conforming to a
single POV; it might be
worthwhile to edit some of the transhumanist
articles there.

Main Page:

Comparisons to Wikipedia:

who realizes her sig makes her own preferred wiki

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