[extropy-chat] Name that system

Thomas Thomas at thomasoliver.net
Thu Dec 21 21:44:30 UTC 2006

Jef Allbright wrote:

>When I see someone like Thomas, or Anna, asking sincere questions on these topics that have been hashed and rehashed here among the old-timers, I wish there were an effective resource to which we could refer them, but currently lacking that, I sometimes see value in spending an hour or two planting some seeds of thought in the hope that they might flourish.
Thanks for your patience.  I think it'll pay off.

>A few people have tried to help me understand that these days more that ever, attention means entertainment.  They've also repeatedly pointed out that the chunks I dish out are too large to digest.  I've taken this advice to heart and am considering how to move on to parable writing.
Your 12 references kept me busy for a while, but I got the message that 
I can expand my knowledge of viewpoints and thereby develop a better 
articulated synthesis.  I'm not sure a parable would have accomplished 
that and I was entertained anyway.  -- Thomas

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