[extropy-chat] Conquering the world with a POV wiki

brent.allsop at comcast.net brent.allsop at comcast.net
Tue Dec 26 18:11:24 UTC 2006


I visited your test site last night and was impressed with your efforts. I too am excited by the prospects of being able to effectively represent the salient features of disparate points of view and I think it's a hugely practical goal as a prerequisite for effective collaborative social decision-making.

Thank you!

However, it's not clear to me whether your vision is to rank
predominately according to popularity/supporting votes, or whether you
see the need to rank somehow according to (still subjective) measure(s)
of relative merit?

The goal is to provide as many data sources to “canonizers” as possible.  For example, ivy legue schools could provide some kind of verification interface to validate the people do indeed have a PhD in Physics from that institution.  (until we get something like this, we could just have a way for people to claim they have such…)  Then there could be a “canonizer” that only counts votes have people that have such PhD degrees – and so on.

Canonizers could use any and all of these data sources to rank things any way they wanted.  If there isn’t one that “canonizes” things the way you want, you simply submit a new one, or help us provide a new way to get whatever new data source you require, into the system.

Another example might be some kind of “maverick” score that ranks people that start out in very minority camps before everyone else is converted to the camp – and so on.  I’m keeping all the history so things like this will be very possible.

Have you thought about how your POV wiki idea might relate or
interoperate with prediction markets?

Absolutely.  As one example, someone’s net worth or performance scores in such prediction markets could be yet another data source that canonizers could use to judge the value or reputation of a person’s vote.  The two systems definitely fit well together and I definitely figure there is great collaboration possibilities with these two types of efforts.

Another big patented idea is how it will be possible to delegate your vote to someone you respect in a particular field which you don’t know much about, and that person further delegating his support to yet another person and so on.  Resulting in a complex dynamic tree structure of delegated support.  So once you “earn” a reputation, you will have lots of power to influence the reputation of any “camp” and so on because you could carry a potentially huge tree structure of delegated votes with you.  Of course, if you screw up in any way, all that reputation via delegated support could vanish in an instant…

And of course, if everyone in your delegated tree is a declared “christian” or whatever, you could select a canonizer that would ignore it all and so on.

Thanks and tell me more about your thinking!


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