[extropy-chat] Deception theory, lies and natural selection

Robert Bradbury robert.bradbury at gmail.com
Tue Dec 26 19:05:04 UTC 2006

On 12/26/06, spike <spike66 at comcast.net> wrote:
>  Some clever dachshund figured out how to stand on his forelimbs with his
> aftlimbs high upon the trunk, thereby to appear larger.  (Has anyone a site
> with a picture of that?)

Spike, you miss the obvious solution, a  dachshund which has enrolled its
parent (owner?) into hoisting said pet up to a level of about 5 feet +/- a
couple of feet to mark the tree *way* above the level of any "common" dog.
Now enrolling an entirely different species to contribute to your "lie" --
*that* takes real skill.

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